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Welcome to our Vision page. Below is a video presentation on our vision of the kind of church we seek to be. When people ask "what's your vision?", they usually refer to what might really be considered to be goals - the tangible things you want to do.

Such goals do indeed form part of our ongoing and developing vision at Alsager Community Church but are only part of the story. We believe vision must first describe who and what you want to be and also what matters to you.

As you will see, this is what the video seeks to describe, demonstating how our basic vision can be seen on our logo: We want to be a Church with a Heart for God, for each other, for the Community and for the world. We have also already unpacked this a bit on our welcome page. We haven't by any means, arrived there yet or achieved that yet but it is what we want to more and more become.



As said above, goals also form a part of any vision. As a church, we continue to be committed to engage with the community, particularly with families. We seek to develop in each of the different aspects of our church life, mission and programme. We will continue to set short and long term goals to help us achieve the things we believe God has called us to.

Perhaps the most significant goal set for 2024 is planting a new church in the nearby town of Sandbach. We are doing this in partnership with Middlewich Community Church. Click just below to see a video of the original presentation to the church.

Sandbach Presentation


Why we are here...

This church exists to bring and connect people to Jesus and help them become active parts of the God’s family (the church) as devoted followers of Jesus who serve others and share the good news about Jesus as witnesses.



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