Welcome to our Vision page. Directly below is a presentation on our 5 year (2019-2024) vision including goals for the 12 month beginning March 2019.





When people ask "what's your vision?", they usually refer to what might really be considered to be goals - the tangible things you want to do. Such goals do indeed form part of our ongoing and developing vision at Alsager Community Church but are only part of the story. We believe vision must first describe what you want to be and also what matters to you...

As you will see from watching the video above, our basic vision can be seen on our logo: We want to be a Church with a Heart for God, for each other, for the Community and for the world. We have also already unpacked this a bit on our welcome page.


Mission Statement

 Our Mission as a church is the reason we exist, which is to glorify and serve God but perhaps  the biggest part of that is to....

give every man, woman and child the chance to hear and understand about  Jesus, so that they can give their lives to Him. 

God wants to forgive us for the wrong things we have done and welcome us into His family. 

Following this decision, we exist to teach and train them so that they can grow in their faith.