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We believe that prayer is a vital part of church life and ministry- someone once said that God does nothing except in answer to prayer! Our prayer dimension is coordinated and led by our prayer champion, Wendy Walker.

We currently have four main opportunities/initiatives for prayer in addition to special prayer events. These are...

1) Sunday Morning at 10am before our Sunday service.

Each week a group gather in the coffee shop at 10am before our 10:30am service to seek God to move in our gathering. We bellieve God has done some powerful things among us as a direct result of this.

2) Thursday nights at 7:30pm which, as well as joining us in person, you have the opportunity to join on Zoom.

Thursday nights are a growing weekly prayer event which is all about intercession: For each other, for our community and for those who need to find Jesus. Again, we sense a growing momentum which we attribute, at least in part, to this happening each week.

3) Our monthly Reflective Prayer sessions, 2pm on the first Thursday afternoon of the month.

This is about depth and communion with God together. Using tools such as the Lectio Divina and others, those present engage in contemplation, worship and soaking in God's presence. It is a time of refreshment and blessing.

4) Prayer Walking Initiative.

We have recently (July 23), begun a major prayer walking initiative to happen over the next 6 months. This includes

a) A monthly walk on a Saturday, over which we will have walked around the boundary of Alsager. The dates are 29th July, 19th August, 30th September, 21st October, 25th November, and 16th December.

b) Walking and praying in every street of the town.

c) Particularly for those for whom walking is not an option, we have produced a bookmark to enable them to pray at home.


Special prayer events also happen all the time, including whole prayer-days or 24 hour prayer sessions.

God has met with us in some meaningful ways in each of these prayer gatherings together!

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