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First of all, we believe that God is the creator of everything and He loves you more than you can imagine. You are valuable in His sight! He also wants you to be a part of His family so that you can know and experience Him and His love and discover the purpose He has for your life!

Because of this, He sent His son, Jesus to reveal Him to the world and then die on the cross both to prove His love and to rescue us from the wrongdoing (sin) that was part of our lives and cut us off from Him. Believe in Him and follow Him and you will be forgiven and become part of His family. You will live with Him forever!

That sums it up really although there is so much more to learn about on this incredible journey!


To provide you with a bit more detail though, here is the belief statement of the church. It is a simplified version of the Assemblies of God statement of belief...

1. The Bible was written and inspired by God, working through human beings. It is complete and totally true and is the rule for faith and life.

2. God is one being, who has revealed Himself to us as three persons: Father, Son (Jesus) and The Holy Spirit.

3. Jesus was born to a virgin, lived a life totally free from wrongdoing, performed miracles, died to pay the price for our wrongdoing, came alive from the dead and went back up into Heaven, from where He now rules. He continues to pray for His people and will oneday return to earth in power and glory, which is the hope the Christian has!

4. Humans (that's us) were created perfect but chose to sin (and still do). We all therefore, need God's forgiveness.

5. Salvation is forgiveness and New Life free from the punishment of sin and we get it by believing (faith) in Jesus and His death, burial and resurrection. It isn't something we can earn, Jesus bought it for us by His blood! We call this the NEW BIRTH and it happens instantly we believe and trust Jesus. It is made to happen by The Holy Spirit!

6. Baptism is for people who have believed in Jesus and anyone who has, should be baptised.

7. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is available for all believers as a source of power for life and service. The evidence you have it is that you will be able to speak in languages (tongues) you have never learned, as The Holy Spirit gives you the ability.

8. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit and of Jesus are available to believers There are many gifts including nine of supernatural power.

9. Christian's lives should be ones of goodness, purity and holiness, obedience to God and kindness and compassion.

10. Healing has been provided for by God through the work Jesus did on the cross.

11. Communion, or as it is sometimes called the Breaking of Bread (or Eucharist) serves of a reminder of all Jesus has done and we should regularly take part in it.

12. Heaven awaits all who believe in Jesus and it will be amazing and perfect. In addition, one day Jesus will return and just as he rose from the dead with a new perfect resurrection body, so will we receive such bodies and live with Him forever. Tragically, those who don't follow Jesus will experience only punishment (Hell) but remember that salvation is available to all.


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