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Data Retention Schedule

Data Retention Schedule


We retain data on the following basis:

Record Type

Retention Period



Members, Attenders, Volunteers and friends contact details

24 months after the last contact

Children’s Church & clubs contacts

24 months after last contact

Records of attendance of children/ young people & helpers

Indefinitely for safeguarding purposes

Safeguarding matters

Indefinitely or until advised otherwise by authorities

Accident Books

4 years from the date of the last entry (or, if the accident involves a child/ young adult, then until that person reaches the age of 22)

Complaints (non -safeguarding)

4 years after resolution of complaint (unless further action is anticipated)

Personal data relating to events for which additional information is gathered eg Church activity

Disposed of immediately after the event unless anything has occurred (eg and accident) which indicates that records should be retained for a longer period.

Photographs and videos of events

5 years after the event with selective items kept for historical records

Pastoral information or logs

5 years after last contact (unless further action is anticipated)

Visitors contact details

1 year after last contact

Admin, letters sent

Contact details removed after 24 months

Minute Books


Gift Aid declarations and paperwork

6 years after the financial year to which it relates

Financial accounts

7 years after the financial year to which it relates

Employee Records

6 years after the date of termination of employment

Pension Records (money purchase)

6 years after transfer or value taken

Hirers of building

6 years after the date of hire

Registers of Marriage

As required by the Registrar General

Register of Funerals


Registers of Baptisms


Insurance Records

Indefinitely (at least 9yrs for certificates)

Food Bank Referrals

24 months after calendar year of last contact

ACSC Clients

24 months after calendar year of last contact

Visitors book

Removed from public but kept for historical reference



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