Schools Work

Alsager Community Church has always been involved at some level in local schools. Former Pastor Christine Wright led Bible Explorer sessions with a local school and former teacher and member of the church, Roy Pitcher has also been heavily involved.

In addition, before moving to Alsager, our current minister, Pete Howard was a Youth and Children's Minister in Southampton, a role which involved lots of contact in local schools. He ran assemblies, lunchtime and after-school clubs, attended residentials and was a school governor. He therefore, very quickly contacted the local schools who welcomed him.


At the moment, it is largely assemblies that we do, or as it is properly called in schools 'Collective Worship.' Many schools use a programme called 'seal' which is phse based and includes topics such as relationships, changes, getting on and falling out and new beginnings. Pete's assemblies involve music (action songs), stories, magic tricks and prayer/reflection.

and there's more...

In addition, we have had some visits from local schools to the church for different purposes and are still, in partnership with the other Alsager Churches working towards setting up a project which will see teams, made up of members of different churches taking whole year group RE days, involving stories, craft, magic tricks, quizzes and games. This programme is called 'Question of Faith' and was developed by Southampton City Mission and will be an Alsager 'Churches Together' initiative. We held training and recruited team members and ran one session in a school last year. It would be great if 2017 was the year we saw these programmes happening.