House-groups and Prayer


We are in the early stages of developing a housegroup network and curently have two adult groups, both of which meets fortnightly (Tuesday Evening and Wednesday Morning). Our vision is to open more this year. For more details please contact us.

The small groups will provide an informal environment for ministry, discipleship, worship and outreach. They are all about community and we are excited about this new project.


Prayer and Bible Study

We believe that prayer is a vital part of church life and ministry- someone once said that God does nothing except in answer to prayer!

We have two main opportunities for prayer in addition to informal gatherings happening regularly. The first is on a Sunday Morning at 9:30am before our Sunday service and the other is Thursday nights at 7:30pm where we alternate between a prayer meeting and a Bible Study (where we also pray). Currently these studies are working their way through 1 Thessalonians. 

God has met with us in some meaningful ways in these prayer and study times.

The last two years saw us seeking to put prayer at the heart of our church life with special prayer weeks and events planned and and intitiative called 1000 hours of prayer seeking to increase the level of private prayer also. We have contiued many of these efforts into 2017 with plans for prayer drop in days and good old traditional prayer walks.