C.R.A.S.H Time

Alsager Community Church has a longstanding committment to provision for children with special needs and C.R.A.S.H. Time is a place where families with children with Special Needs are particularly welcome. C.R.A.S.H. stands for Children Really Are Special Here!



The origins of this group began in Little Treasures, our parent and toddler group, which inclusively welcomed all children, including those with special needs.

At the same time however, there was a desire to provide something particularly catered to the needs of special needs children as well.

We formed Special Treasures and were encouraged by its success. We then however, began to think about meeting the needs of these children once they reached school age as Special Treasures was essentially a pre-school group. That is when we formed CRASH Time, a family activity with a more Christian based programme.


Messy Time

Until a year and a half ago, CRASH Time went by the name Messy Time having been inspired by the very popular MESSY CHURCH, a nationwide programme run by many churches.

However, this programme, which is an activity run by the church, is not and never really was, the same as Messy Church and offers a much wider programme of activities and less formal style. There are art and craft activities, but also sensory play, IT, Puppets, soft play and much more.  This is a family activity to which all are welcome and encouraged to come but there is also a particular welcome offered to families which have children with special needs.

It is a creative, fun, family environment, which encourages self expression and learning. The family come together to enjoy themselves with everyone taking part. 2nd Saturday of the month, 10am-12pm.