Vision, Values and Goals

Vision Statement

When people ask "what's your vision?", they usually refer to what might really be considered to be goals- the tangible things you want to do. Such goals do indeed form part of our ongoing and developing vision at Alsager Community Church but are only part of the story. We believe vision must first describe what you want to be and also what matters to you...



Our basic vision can be seen on our logo: We want to be a Church with a Heart for God, for each other, for the Community and for the world. We have already unpacked this a bit on our welcome page.




Core Values reflect what is important to you- what you are going to prioritise! They remind us what is important and define how we journey towards the destination of our Mission and Vision statements. Our core values are...





Goals by nature, change as they are achieved. Our current goals are mostly shortterm and include...

  • The relaunch of membership including the welcome of new members and reaffirmation of existing members.  
  • The development of more housegroups which will serve as part of a Pastoral strategy which will also include Pastoral Care Leaders, and Mentors
  • The continued development and encouragement of prayer and encouragement of the use of Spiritual Gifts
  • Increasing our volunteering level to re-enforce areas of ministry and prepare for the future. 
  • The training and development of new potential leadership
  • The creation of a regular forum for key Leaders and workers to input into decision making and process.
  • The continuing strenghtening and development of existing ministries such as the Coffee Shop, Community Support Centre, New Milton House visit, CRASH Time, Little Treasures, Schools Work and Youth/Children provision.
  • To reach out to our community through particular targeted events. 
  • Continue to explore how we can more effectively reach out to a younger generation, This includes 20 & 30s and Youth/Children.


We held a Vision Sunday on 29 January where we presented our goals for 2017. The recording of this presentation can soon be listened to or downloaded from the audio section of this website.