Mission Statement



Alsager Community Church exists to give every man, woman and child the opportunity to hear the good news about Jesus and to accept Him, if they choose, as their Lord and Saviour. This means they will be forgiven for the wrong things they have done and welcomed into His family.

Following this decision, we exist to teach and train them so that they can grow in their faith.

This Mission is to be forwarded through clear, relevant & accurate communication of the teachings of the Bible alongside practical demonstration of God's love and care for the individual. This is expressed in our vision statement 'Heart for God, for Each Other, for the Community and for the World'.

Practically this is currently happens through...

  • the work of our activities (Sunday Programme, Coffee shop, Community Support Centre, Little Treasures, Messy Time, etc),
  • the mobilisation and witness of our membership reaching out to family, friends and others,
  • partnership with other local groups such as churches together and
  • through financial support of other Christian based agencies who seek to carry out such work and with whom we have formed connection and ongoing partnership.